There are an increasing number of men in America today that seem to be under a spell. This particular spell has the result of feminizing men or to put it another way disassociating men from strength. All the natural attributes of the male are now scorned, too much ambition, too much violence, too much war and suffering. If it wasn’t for the male of the species the world would be perfect, and some men are buying into this or at least buying into what their girlfriend or wife tells them to buy into.

Now is the age of the softer man with the big heart who lets his wife call the shots, the age of the man who keeps his mouth shut as he changes the diaper on the kid again, making dinner reading a book on how to put her on a pedestal. Then there are all the new femiman magazines with the articles on how she wants him to dress, think, look, act, be, not to mention what she expects of him and how he is good for expecting nothing in return. He should just be happy she can stand him at all.

Now it should be said that the woman is not to blame, the fault is on the mans’ shoulders. Only his weakness allows him to be dominated. The insidious angle to this problem is the Cult of Weakness. It is the Cult that convinces men that their natural attributes are wrong, it is the Cult that convinces him that he must be softer, gentler and more caring, it is the education system controlled by the Cult that brings the youth up in these ways. Simply put the Cult is winning the war to destroy strength by emasculating the male spirit.

The Cult has convinced women that they want this new type of half man but when faced with a man of strength women realize that they have been fooled into wanting weaklings. The trouble is men seem to be tripping over themselves to become weaklings thinking that that is what women want not realizing a true woman seeks a true man. Only a half woman wants a half man.

The relationship and roles of men and women have been forged by nature, alone each could not survive, it is only the harmony of the roles fulfilled that brings civilization forward through the ages.

It is not the weak man who built the nations but it is the weak man who defiles them.