Victory is first place. The need of people to feel achievement in losing has led to second and third place and the worst crime of all, victory in just having participated. These excuses for failure are the kind of things that make us weaker because it is saying to ourselves that being the best is really not that important. Aside from being a terrible personal philosophy and an even worse national policy this is a terrible thing to teach a kid. That he should feel some honor in having just played the game even if he has embarrassed himself by being defeated soundly, this is a perfect example of Sissification and serves no real purpose. There is no honor in failure, only in returning from that failure better and achieving victory having learned from mistakes. This applies to more then just sports.

Not only should kids and adults do all they can to win they should not accept participation as some sort of achievement. Everything should be done in order to win and only winners should be celebrated not just participants. Glory is something that is a result of triumph and not a door prize for attending. Should a kid lose, his jealousy for the victor should stoke a fire in his belly and cause him to raise himself to a new level and if this does not occur naturally it should be forced upon him by his parents.

Not keeping score in games for example keeps one from recognizing he is a loser and when applied to kids is more a result of mommies looking to protect their sissies fragile sense of self worth then some new state of enlightenment where competition is now beneath us. In the real world victory is a true achievement and achievement brings deserved privilege, this is the way it has always been, do not raise a kid as a loser and expect him to grow up and become a champion.

This country is becoming more and more sissified because of the attitudes presented above and the result is an acceptance of failure. At every turn people avoid competition unless it is absolutely necessary and affects their daily bread, there are few who reach beyond themselves.

Personal failure in and of itself is not bad, if you have tried your best, but you should not be honored for it and if you wallow in it and accept it you deserve to have the stench of it surround you. Failure on a National level, as a community, should be absolutely unacceptable and if that be true it begins with the individual. Failure is reality showing you your weakness, telling you what you need to work harder at, giving you a chance to become a more complete person. Failure as a Nation means the end of that Nation and a petition to the generosity of enemies for the continuation of your life.