A little known fact regarding the feminine vote is that a growing percentage of men follow the exact same voting line as many women. So in actuality the feminine vote is much larger than the amount of females in the country who vote feminine. There is the shrinking traditionalist masculine view and the growing false-progressive feminine view. False progressive in that giving away the farm and an unwillingness to apply standards is no advancement.

Why do a growing number of men vote the feminine line and seem to reject their responsibility to further the ascendancy of man? Because the feminization of men by the Cult of Weakness is a success.

Today all the traditional attributes of men are now seen as barbaric and old fashioned and in need of reform, a reform which the Cult of Weakness is more than happy to head. A reform that is applied by a continuous scorning of traditional male values slowly and steadily in order to change minds by way of repetitive conditioning whereby the reformed don’t realize what has occurred, they just now crave niceties for the sake of niceties forsaking responsibility and necessary struggle. It takes place in a common sequence of soft consistent socialization where original values are at first muted then disdained and eventually replaced with new substitute pseudo-values.

The problem with these new pseudo-values is that they have not been carved over long periods of time, tested by trial and error, they have been injected by the glowing square god, the TV, and various other mass media. So these pseudo-values seem overwhelmingly counterfeit to the few who have not been turned and hip and progressive to the vapid majority.

So now men believe it is improper to standup for their traditional beliefs, it is wisest to allow oneself to be steamrolled by the tender gender, it is not within the rights of mankind to apply traditional standards over others and a man should focus on tolerance above all else even self preservation.

Today when speaking of femininity, a person is not necessarily speaking about females but instead the false-progressive females and the new feminized male combined, a new army of soft hearts and perpetual comfort seekers, a dead end in the history of mankind.