The ideal modern man is the personification of cotton candy. What the hell does that mean you ask? Read on I’ll explain.

First off cotton candy is oh so soft, and if touched for too long melts away, not exactly the qualities of say “iron” which might have described men from a past generation. Cotton candy is soft and moved by the whim of the slightest breeze, able to float away on an air current blown from the lips of toil.

Cotton candy is also typically pink which is quite appropriate as modern man need not display his strength so as to impress and therefore can be completely comfortable wearing the common color of femininity. The modern man has nothing to prove and for that matter nothing to do. The modern man is so secure with himself and his lack of accomplishment, and is so much more refined than those terse barbarians from the past who made it possible for him to enjoy their successes and who were so insecure and crude.

Cotton candy is delicate like a little princess in a pretty pink dress. Oh do the toils of endless pursuits of comfort wear on the souls of timid half men. So many standards to relax, so many culinary exploits to face, so many forms of sedation to experience.

Cotton candy is spun around a handle and so like modern man it derives its strength, what little there is, from some outside force. There is no sense of inherent strength. No strength is derived from self.

Cotton candy has no real value. There are no vitamins in it, you wouldn’t feed it to a kid for breakfast, lunch and dinner and expect him to grow much, at least not vertically and when all is said and done you could live without it.

Here and now I should make it clear that not all men living in our modern times are like cotton candy just that the majority of them are. The world is harsh, even if our forefathers secured it for us and it feels safe it isn’t and if we do not fulfill our responsibility we will be a cautionary tale like all the ones that have come before.

He struggles to secure his spot in the world, he works and fights and sheds blood and makes something better and now his kid has it easy because of the fathers efforts. His kid now lives a life of comfort, grows fat and useless and allows everything the father built to be destroyed. Such is the fate of men who are the personification of cotton candy.