Note: These definitions are only in use on this blog. These Definitions will be modified occasionally.

Super Consumerism
A more voracious form of consumerism where the drive for The Endless Pursuit of Comfort compels the consumer to purchases products and services at an inexorable rate, items that provide no return on investment. Typically these items are financed as the consumer does not have the funds needed and the debt is compiled at an ever-increasing rate. Credit cards are a major component of Super Consumerism.

Super Commercialism

In the context of business it is the support of consumerism whereby business rejects any national or moral responsibility and collaborates with the media in its many forms to break down the traditional boundaries of the nation in order to create markets and demand for their products or services. May also include the planned destruction of basic morals and values in order to create new markets and demand or destruction of traditions and ways of life to achieve the same goal. Also includes the popularity of financing otherwise known as Debt Slavery.

The Endless Pursuit of Comfort
The participation in the many forms of self-satisfaction, namely Super Consumerism for the purpose of making life endlessly more comfortable beyond what is necessary. This is, the avoidance of any hardship and or struggle and the rejection of personal responsibility. Would include avoidance of pursuits of betterment like exercise, frugality, learning, etc. Also in context of lack of achievement, people that in a past less prosperous society would have been peasants. Achievers can suffer this also but for them it is more justified and they do not have to contend with Debt Slavery.

Time Consumption
The using of time for the sole purpose of passing it and the asinine pursuits that are used for this purpose. As a successful prosperous nation enjoys its wealth and power the people no longer innovate because they feel their struggle is complete and therefore need other distractions to fill their time. Usually this time will be filled with The Endless Pursuit of Comfort, Time Consuming Social Experiments and Games or Super Consumerism.

Time Consuming Social Experiments and Games
One type of the many asinine pursuits to consume time. These are typically social experiments that challenge the traditions of the successful nation. It would seem that messing with the formula for success would be moronic but when faced with the need to consume time people seem to turn to Time Consuming Social Experiments and Games no matter the cost. This is a major facilitator of Super Consumerism for the purpose of creating new markets.
Example: Implemented Socialism otherwise known as social services and many other forms of useless activism.

Debt Slavery
Taking on more debt than can be covered in order to purchase items and services to fulfil The Endless Pursuit of Comfort thereby entering a situation where no real wealth can be accumulated and no investments can be made that provide a return. Nearly every dollar earned is used to pay interest on the debt. A direct result of Super Consumerism.