In the first article we covered a few important items that were meant to weed out all non-hackers. We covered Pandering, a quick look at the power of the media, good sources to find out what the people feel about a particular issue or in general and adjusting your beliefs to align with the current popular view. This is only part of what you need to know to become a politician and so the saga continues.

Now lets go over the basics. First and foremost you need to have a suit so that you look refined. You can’t expect people to take you seriously if you are not clean looking and wearing a nice suit. It should be noted that a suit alone is not what I’m speaking about, you need a whole done over appearance that includes hair, manicure, teeth whitening and so on. For more on this look into any of the femiman magazines at newsstands today. Remember you can actually make up for a lot of other inadequacies by appearing to fit the role.

Next, you need to attend a decent university. The bigger the name of the university the more cache it’ll give you and this can be used to your advantage. Imagine a college graduate of such and such university, a nice finely tailored suit and even more finely attended hair, you can’t go wrong with those attributes working for you.

While at school you need to develop a college wit and vocabulary and learn to project that wit and vocabulary in a manner that fits the suit you are wearing. Learn to talk a lot but actually say nothing. This one can be hard to learn but be willing to use all that stuff you learned in college that’s just siting there in you back pocket. Big words, diversion tactics, double talk etc. You will hear your professors do this millions of times while at school.

Oh I almost forgot, make a lot of contacts while at school. All of the losers you trudge through these classes with day by day will probably be your colleagues. Form alliances so that in the future you can support each other. For example, trading suit shopping tips, fashion tips and contact numbers of lobbies / companies / individuals looking to part with their money in exchange for favors, all the stuff politicians spend time doing.

Well that’s good for now we’ve covered a lot of stuff and I must admit I’m a little nervous that I might be creating the next horde of super politicos. So only in bits my students, only in bits.