The politically skilled today are lifeless shiftless automatons that continually blather over the insignificant details of our times. Each of these automatic politicos spouts about this or that swimming in the gray periphery of moderation ever evading the real questions and their starkly black and white answers. These answers are obvious to a person who has not drifted too far from reality into the territory of false idealism but being practical is no longer considered a virtue. It is somewhat impressive however to watch a partisan who in reality has no bias and looks to the wind for his sense of integrity as that wind flutters and shifts around him and he attempts to display conviction. What is even more amazing is that the people give this weakling credence so it’s as if his inability to take a stand is somehow taking a stand. This is laughable but it is the order of the day.

Even in the face of the new extreme subversive elements that face us today the dance of the politicians’ uncertainty disguised as caring consideration continues. Weakness is honored yet again, consideration of feelings, consideration of the endless wasteland of gray and scorn of black and white decision making continues. It is as if we choose are leaders based solely on their ability to court disaster.

As many treasonous elements whittle away at the very foundation of our nation for the purpose of destroying the nation nothing is done. As gentle patriots seek to debate these forces and find out how they can be accommodated these Bolsheviks relentlessly hack away. The core is shrinking and the men on guard want to talk about it when they should be dealing with it by way of a merciless fanaticism. And to answer the brain dead critic, if fanaticism should not be used for the protection of ones way of life and their very existence then when?

Modern man has a predisposition toward toleration of nearly everything and tolerance of evil can be disastrous.

So in the end the automatic politicos spout exactly what the populace wants to hear and everything is thinned out even the wellbeing of the instrument that makes life so livable. There are no leaders because god forbid you say something perceived as being “not nice” because to offend now is worse then annihilation later.