Enamored with The Endless Pursuit of Comfort and rejecting “Principles of Ascendancy”, softness enraptures the Populace. Courting ruin and enveloped in lavishness the initial signs of atrophy set in. With this atrophy of the physical and of the ideological comes lack of standards and the inability or energy to apply those standards than remain.One sign of this inability to apply standards is the balkanization of large sections of a nation. With this balkanization comes the prevalence of traitors and freeloaders all with allegiance to nothing other then the pleasure of the moment at best and outside forces at worst. This is the domain of weakness and nothing positive is generated from it.

Like a cancer it spreads and the infected are enchanted. This spell is designed and like a teaspoon of sugar it makes the medicine go down easy only the medicine doesn’t serve it destroys.