The soul of the past is withering in the hearts of men and in place of valor, honor and strength our time glorifies the inglorious. In our time the apathetic rule and champion the cause of individual deification as each serves themselves as gods wallowing in complete weakness. One falsity built up on another like a teetering house of cards and when faced with a historical monumental challenge weakness is once again the guide that is used to shepherd these counterfeit gods from the trouble, even if it is only a stay of the inevitable execution.

This attitude only exists because the adherence to standards is not instantly pleasurable to the average Jane. The moment is all-important to him and the future is left to work itself out. The problem in this paradise of license is that the future needs to be secured so that the ride can continue. What will happen when all the strong wither and blow away is that the weak will be left vulnerable, and as goes the story in nature the vulnerable are destroyed.

Mr. Average Jane needs to have his world secured for him, only from within the walls manned by the fighting strong can he criticize and point fingers at them for how they keep him safe. Mr. Average Jane lives in a pretty Utopia where safety and freedom are secured by means tempered by tolerance and fairness. Mr. Average Jane can’t comprehend the way it is isn’t how it always will be.