There was a boy who was born and raised by very poor parents. Although his parents provided most of the essentials, they could not afford to give the boy anything beyond that. The boy hoped to one day enjoy the things his parents could not afford to give him and so decided to work very hard and make his dream come true. Although it was not easy and he faced many hurdles along the way, the boy fought and crawled his way up. He became a man and the man became wealthy by way of his labor.

Now wealthy, the man enjoyed the fruits of his labor. He experimented with all sorts of different hobbies and spent much of his time pursuing various comforts. He now had many friends, more then when he was coming up. The more the man experienced the more he searched for something to consume his time and peak his interest. Now his struggle was with boredom. The man began to feel his existence was hollow and realized that his previous struggle, the thing that had made him wealthy was in fact the best part of his life and his true purpose. But alas he realized this too late, he was now fat and incapable and was burdened by a large retinue.

The man did not give up however and devised a plan to give away the majority of his wealth and to return to his old life. When the hangers on heard of this they all wanted to be the recipient of his vast wealth. But when the man told them he was going to disperse it into the world and not award it to any of them they became angry.

It was a younger man who was in the midst of his own struggle upward who wanted the wealth most of all. The young man killed the wealthy man and took control of his property and the retinue fearing an end to their lives of leisure submitted to the young man.

The dead man was forgotten and as the wealth he created moved about in time and was enjoyed by heirs of no relation to him, no one ever knew who had labored to create it nor did anyone care.