The parents protect their little child from every danger that they can foresee. Meanwhile he is made to feel like a little god. The mother and the father subject themselves to the will of the little tyrant all in the hope that he will see them as friends and not square authority figures. Who wants to be a hard-ass, it is better to be loved, the hard-ass makes life less enjoyable because the hard-ass requires the kid to live by standards, in other words without enjoyment and fun as the guiding principal. Discipline well that’s just too 1950’s and archaic, our kid will be a free spirit and discipline would only make him less able to follow his true path, we refuse to place any sort of restrictions on him in any way.

Well here’s a hint for all you neo-hippie parents, your kid is a worthless, overly prissy, weak willed, soft mass of chewed bubble gum who will never amount to anything and its all your fault. Try being a parent and forget the friend B.S. The kid needs discipline, discipline and more discipline and when that’s done try a little more discipline. The rest of the world does not enjoy your kids self expression in the form of total license on display in public everywhere, everyday.

Keep up the current program and you will be engineering a segment of the population who will be the most good-for-nothing herd animals the world has ever known. I know in your progressive, perpetually dissenting at all costs mentality, this cut is actually your highest mark of distinction but try, for a moment at least, to look past your goal of destroying Western Civilization for no reason and consider the fate of mankind. So what if being a hard-ass makes life more complicated, it’s your damn job. If you didn’t want to raise the kids you shouldn’t have had them in the first place. Forego taking the easy road this one time.