The perfect weakling who from the safety of a world that does not know true struggle tries with all her might to destroy. Like a little infant tucked warmly in her bed by her sweet loving mother she blathers on and on about the condition of the bed and how her mothers a bitch and how she doesn’t understand her and how her diaper needs changing and how its some other persons job.

She’s willing to destroy the bed, the mother, the house and anything else she can get her hands on. And for what purpose? No purpose other then to create chaos, anything to destroy. The problem is baby can’t survive in a world of chaos, the type of people baby hates could survive it better then she could. But baby doesn’t care about that now, baby wants attention and baby’s gonna get attention. She’s gonna smash something and so much the better if its something you love or believe in, but what’s even better then that is if its something that works and something people rely on like say various American institutions.

Baby is the type of person who hates everything, nothing is cool enough or good enough for her to like. She can ridicule anything and will ridicule everything.

What will make her happy? When everything is gone, will that do it? NO, No, see you just don’t get baby, no one ever has. You see baby doesn’t get baby, baby has no goal, baby is a vapid wasteland, a protest caricature and an infinite idiot.

So ask yourself this, why do you listen to baby blather on and pretend to take baby seriously? Why do you try to understand her and attempt to debate her? Is there a point in arguing with someone whose intention is to destroy for no reason and with no purpose? Why take the time to study her and rack your mind tying to figure where she’s coming from. Baby is a cancer and cancer needs to be removed and disposed of.