Each new generation seems to be weaker then the one that came before it and each new generation is continually socialized into living the lie that the government is the great provider, the great teat from which each generation demands to suckle from longer and longer.

Government has become the great mother who swaddles her children protecting them from dangers they can not foresee, dangers that people from the past would have faced head on without needing assistance.

She does this however while draining dignity from her children like a vampire drains its victim’s blood. Just enough is left to keep them alive and all the while the children see only her kindness in not taking it all.

All the children like newborns with their little useless legs and arms aflutter reaching out to mother knowing she is their entire world, their only means to survival. Knowing that at any moment, should the thought enter her mind, she could take away life. The children are at her mercy and can only hope the mood is favorable.