It might seem un-American but that’s only if you judge it by the new fake American standard and not the Traditional Real American standard.

— There are some people and some acts that are deserving of failure! —

Today a great number of so-called Americans feel that failure needs to be rooted out from every aspect of life and that failure is by definition unfair and unfair is unequal and unequal is bad and bad is, well, not good.

1. The New Fake American standard of “Deserving of Failure”:
All efforts and thereby tax dollars should be spent in order to make failure a thing of the past and even if failure still exists we can rename it so the sting of the word is not so intense. This is a foreign interoperation of an American Standard that calls for success to all no matter what you do to deserve it. You see foreigners still have it in their minds that America is the land of milk and honey and that they deserve their share regardless of what they put into it and because people are inherently lazy the Americans, at least the weaker ones, lap up the idea. The easy road is fun, the difficult road is not.

2. The old but Real American Standard of “Deserving of Failure”:
If you earn it you deserve it and if you fail you deserve that but by god you are not going to have it handed to you. This is a traditional value that is now a foreign concept because it places too much responsibility on the individual and that’s not fair by definition of the new fake American standard. This old standard does not allow the government to fix the problem, it puts to much faith in the man and none in the system.

The New Fake American standard of “Deserving of Failure” creates weaker and weaker people who are less and less capable.

The Old Real American Standard of “Deserving of Failure” creates strong, hearty, self sufficient people and in truth better people who are absolutely capable.

Which would you rather build a society with?

I guess it depends, if you want to be a god and have a nation of infants who rely on you for everything the New Fake American standard of “Deserving of Failure” would be your choice.

If on the other hand you want a strong capable people who are self-sufficient and not like infants you would go with The Old Real American Standard of “Deserving of Failure”.