The Cult of Weakness is made up of the weak and thereby celebrates the weak man, the half man.

This cult honors weakness especially of the male spirit.

This is from where Political Correctness derives, the very bowels of the Cult of Weakness.

The weak man sets up a set of guidelines for society by which his own weakness can never be named, measured or seen in comparison to true strength. By setting up these parameters and attaching a stigma to the non-conformers he can glorify his weakness, fulfilling his endeavor to destroy the strong male spirit. Real strength can no longer be glorified only the lack of strength. All wrongs flourish and all rights wither, truth and reality fade away.

Unfortunately when you begin down the path to honoring weakness it leads to an ever broadening definition of what weakness means. Eventually it can include nearly everything even differences and when people see that they can be honored for their special malady they set out on the easy path, they become like water following the path of least resistance. This path leads to more weakness and softening, the people become ripe with the stench of capitulation.