Pretend Intellectual halfwits abound in their zealous protection of all things corrosive. They speak loudly and navigate themselves into positions were their voices can resonate. The citizenry fall victim to the promotion of these pretenders as elite’s, believing that in their loud voices and haughty positions are a divine forethought with the best of intentions as their sole guiding principle. And so the citizenry commits the necessary respect and accordance with these pretenders following them ever down into the depths staring only at the backs of the pretenders never shifting their gaze toward reality. Like the fabled lemmings they follow until their demise.

When the pretenders, the half-men, the Cult of Weakness speak of fairness they mean forced mediocrity, when they say tolerance they mean being complacent in failure, when they say equality they mean the low standard as our new highest standard. When the pretenders come forth they are rehearsed with designed arguments, ideas and philosophies that have the purpose of creating uniformity so as to act as a leveling agent.

What respect is due to a destroyer who does not do his destroying work as a man by way of direct confrontation but who hides and schemes as a cog in the machine of his like minded brood. He points out the strong man and the machine goes to work invalidating him and every aspect of his nature, all of his qualities, then when the strong man is destroyed he is put up as an evil thing not to be respected and most especially not emulated. If the citizenry heeds the message and no one falls in to take the strong mans place, the pretenders have achieved a small victory in their war and as a result the quality of man degenerates and becomes more easily pliable.