A man must be a gentleman and always strive to continue to educate himself. A man must learn to work within the context of his society and take his place in that society as a productive member. A man must fulfill his responsibilities and take care not to injure others in the process. However that being said a man must also posses the heart and physical attributes of the barbarian. A man must be able to call upon his cruel instinctual will to survive, calling upon his fighting spirit in order to protect himself, his family, his country and his way of life.

An intellectual who disregards his body and does not posses the fighting spirit is a half man. The barbarian who has no mind to learn is a half man. The man who strays from action out of fear or the man who pursues it forsaking all else are not complete, they are lacking.

A man must have honor, he must live by a code of personal responsibility, he must be healthy and fit, he must be prone to “struggle” and must be able to deny weakness, he must be educated and know history, he must be able to think strategically and to achieve without force of strength but he must be willing to use strength to in its absolute harshest end.

There is a synthesis of Gentleman and Barbarian that should be the goal of modern man and it should not be defined by the Cult of Weakness but by the axioms of reality.