The average mans highest concern, once he feels he has secured his existence in nature, is comfort. For the sake of better living man has invented many things, be it technologies or political philosophies all were constructed in order to make the human situation easier. The problem is that ease is dangerous because too much of it causes a condition whereby a feeling of satiation is achieved and the drive to improve and advance dies out. With this feeling comes the decline and eventually the fall.

This satiation is a sign of victory but it also sounds the death knell. It is the apex and the downfall at once.

Pliability is the state of being where a community who has experienced success disregards the elements of itself which have brought it that success. This is the period where the society is willing to re-evaluate its standards and lower those standards so as to be more inclusive to its population and populations outside of itself. This is the period when the previous ideas become old fashioned and outdated in the minds of the populace who use their energy enjoying success, all the while disregarding the previous standards and refusing to apply what standards remain. This is where the disconnect happens, where the population can no longer see itself as not being successful, they not only become incapable of knowing defeat they do not recognize it at all, a kind of social amnesia. They think they can continue a lavish life by providing the same lifestyle to all and thereby create a utopia where the highest aspiration is comfort, and where all is secured purely on faith in the goodness of man and goodwill in general.

Pliability is the transition period where the newcomers feel smarter then the originators because they only know the safety the originators have created, they can not comprehend the danger of chaos but they seek it as a hobby in order to balance the guilt they feel due to their Endless Pursuit of Comfort which at its core appears selfish to them.

Now the population who has no real purpose and seeks a purpose in many directions at once. They now adopt ridiculous causes and rebel against their own system searching for evil in it, wishing to point it out and destroy it not realizing that it is the foundation that they pick away at and that what they saw as some kind of evil is in reality the pillars of their security. This is the time of the useless citizen who breeds an even more useless citizen and so on until the population is so disconnected from the originators that they are destined to fail. And fail they will and fail they always have throughout time.

There should be a way to achieve success and not become victim to the Pliability Concept. Unfortunately that has never happened for the very fact that Pliability is a natural stage in the evolution of successful nations. What must be done to retain success is unnatural in the mind of man but is necessary. This will be discussed later.