The Cult of Weakness, by way of its many tentacles, demands fairness for all the deviants who refuse to conform to the lowest of standards. In the midst of a barrage of cries and squeaks of unfairness and lack of understanding the majority once again tucks tail and allows the lowest common denominator to further regress down the ladder of basic standards. Abandoning civilization and inviting the final catastrophe where the half men rule a world of mud.

The leaders are now the weak and they split the pie up into pieces so that their brothers and sisters may take part in something they have not earned. Continually whittled away becoming less and less of what it once was the gates to the city remain open and unguarded. Everything that is given for nothing comes back one-thousand fold as a horror, a force unstoppable in its building mass and superior in its ability to infect and kill.

You can not secure the world by using counterfeit fairness as your guide for handing out comfort. You can not make all standards disappear in order to create a world where everyone qualifies and not get bitten in the end. Inclusion of evil is a form of courtship, and once infected evil will kill the host.

There is only one way to secure the world especially in the mess that has been created for these days and that is to destroy the Cult of Weakness.