Modern man likes to do his important work in a half-assed way leaving himself as many outs as possible. By doing this he avoids committing himself to an outcome and he does this because he fears failure more then he desires victory. To remain flexible and capable of going back and forth on a decision is seen today as an attribute of the enlightened mind but this opinion comes from the vapid weak cowardly half men and the pretend intellectuals.

This half-assed way of doing things is also the reason why modern man loves the minutia of the gray periphery and runs scared from the black and white core that is inherent in all problems. This is why problems are never ever solved and why they persist, rearing their ugly heads over and over and over again, this is why nothing is concluded but for time.

Modern man on average is weak, his mind is weak, his body is weak and his spirit is weak. He traverses the world more focused on not offending and showing respect to the undeserving. He takes no stand even when his very life is at stake, he receives jabs to the nose from outsiders who hate him and requests another so that he might not anger them with his pride. He wants to be loved by all and although seemingly a Utopian he is in fact a coward of the lowest level. He is the degenerated state of the evolution of humanity; he is a failure and an embarrassment to his ancestors and he is running Western Civilization into the ground.