When a society gives away to the people what should have been earned it makes the recipient that much more worthless. Not only did he dishonor himself by taking, he has become a child to the great provider and thereby like a newborn, dependent on the provider for his sustenance.

The principal is this, “give it away, create a dependent weakling – demand he struggle and the result is a independent strong man.” Compassion to the less fortunate, that is the capable less fortunate, is idiocy. The incapable being only the severely disabled and the elderly who have served well. Nothing should be made easy for the less fortunate unless earned by service or inflicted upon them by the hand of fate.

The ideology of Communism and its retarded half-brother Socialism are based on the removal from humanity of honor and personal responsibility. They are incubators for weakness and create societies of dependent infants whose primary life purpose becomes searching out the teat. These ideologies are providers to the masses of infants and thereby dens of corruption of the human spirit, they kill creativity and ambition and leave behind only dependence.

It seems that the prevalence of endless social programs enacted to provide for the weak even in democratic societies are in fact the initial stages of Socialism. These social programs are cloaked in nice-ness so as to impress the unaware nonchalant yet accommodating masses all the while dragging them into the arms of Socialism. The weak flourish and existence is made difficult for the strong, the infection has set in and the populace becomes increasingly dependent. The true human spirit is dead at this point.

When a man looks to a government for his daily bread he ceases being man. When a man loses his will to survive he ceases being a man, when a man lets the weak rule he ceases being a man. All of the “Give it away” societies are an exercise in destruction and to abet these gross false ideologies is a sin against the reality of our existence.