Tolerance in its modern application is weakness, it is the unconditional denial of responsibility, it is the removal of judgement and it permits evil to flourish alongside good for the sake of Tolerance. It does not secure a just world and it directly contradicts the law of nature. Forced pseudo-Tolerance, which is a more accurate expression of what we see today, removes choice and conditions a knee-jerk response that denies the right to differentiate. This knee-jerk condition is a symptom of forced pseudo-Tolerance and its various buttresses such as political correctness.

Tolerance is the removal of logic from reasoning which is thinking more closely aligned to the feminine mentality as opposed to the masculine mentality, the worst possible measure to consider the destiny of nations. It is the masculine mentality that creates nations, secures and maintains them and the feminine mentality that makes them comfortable. Both are necessary however the feminine mentality does not secure the existence of nations. The feminizing of the spirit of Western nations partially brought about by the inability to reason and differentiate logically will lead to the inevitable destruction of these nations.

Invariably the response to a non-conformer of the precepts of forced pseudo-Tolerance is always “you are not open-minded”, as if being open-minded is an admirable quality, which it is not. “You see everything in black and white”, as if the gray periphery, the domain of moderates, is the realm of action, which it is not. “Mankind and his issues are complicated things and there are many subtleties to consider” as if consideration of nuance leads to bold end results, which it does not. No, the real tough decisions that change the world are not made by consideration of the gray periphery, they are made be denying it, by focusing on the black and white by taking a problem down to its core, only then can it be solved contrary to principles of Tolerance.

The advocates of Tolerance are agents of the Cult of Weakness and in their advocacy of tolerance in reality are advancing the erosion of the core values of Western Civilization and inevitably the destruction. They perceive insult in the exhibition of strength in the form of differentiation. They perceive a threat in the ability to secure the existence of Western nations and demand that right be eliminated. They heap scorn upon the non-conformers and socialize them in their doctrine until the maverick is broken and willing to defend their cause. They incessantly make demands that new abnormalities be tolerated and like dominos the world falls at their feet asking what opportunity may be taken to further please them.

Tolerance, as it is applied today sometimes called open-mindedness, is nothing more than a cover word for lack of standards or the inability to apply standards. This inability to apply standards is a result of laziness in that to apply standards takes energy, which most people would rather spend acting out their propensity toward The Endless Pursuit of Comfort.