The Modern Ideal of Sacrifice to Unmitigated Compassion is the death knell, the prayer to nature by the supplicant to be removed from existence.

Facts are men are becoming more feminized and so the ranks of the strong, those that pave the path for the wretched masses are in turn reduced in number. Like the Spartiate who is invaluable to the continuation of a way of life they become few and unable to secure their existence, fighting off calls from the helots that Pure Strength and its natural application is unjust all the while keeping the enemy at bay and the helots safe.

When the majority of men become weak where do the strong come from? The pool is drained and what remains is a sorry sight more consumed with the Endless Pursuit of Comfort then their undeniable responsibility. The men care more for ease then for securing the future and many excuses are put up as a reason to not live up to the old standards but all of these are a disgrace, a gutless attempt to continue being called a man while living by the standards of little girls.

Compassion. What is this thing? What is compassion if in order to put it forth you forfeit yourself in the process? It is an act of suicide at this point and this is the escape for the half-man, the one whose legs tremble in the face of stark responsibility, the one who would rather be loved by the enemy even if it means being his slave then fight the enemy and be hated by him.

All of these, the shift to weakness, suicidal compassion as virtue, the Endless Pursuit of Comfort are modern ideals and a front for cowards to hide behind, passing on to their offspring a world less safe, less just and further from perfection.