The spineless, soulless Herd resides in a world of beginnings where nothing has come before and where what is now is what has always been. There have been no struggles, no wars, no hardship and no creation that has come before. There are no lines of progression, there is no building up of knowledge and there is no bequeathing. There is a complete denial of Core Realities.

Core Realities are the truths that exist and have always existed and will forever exist. They are the not so pretty truths that don’t fit well into feminized modern society, the necessities, the essential solutions, they are a synthesis of brutal natural truths and what must be done to deal with those brutal natural truths.

The herd says, “I can consume happiness like so many candy bars and gorge upon the endless pursuit of comfort as my purpose for existence, I can buy crap and then more crap to better integrate with the first crap I bought and repeat endlessly. I don’t even need to struggle for my daily bread, I can distend my gut by sucking directly off the welfare state teat. Oh the perfect world I have created where becoming a breathing mass of shit who owns a whole lot of crap and does not put forth even a minimal effort is virtue”.

You are on this pedestal because real men once did the dirty work that you ridicule them for now.

You point your canned ham finger at the way humanity was meant to be and laugh through chocolate flavored syrup filled lungs. Wipe your mouth, check your State fed umbilical cord for proper fit and laugh at the archaic ways of the bearer of Core Realities. Laugh out loud at the ancestors who are embarrassed to consider you kin. How the pursuit of perfection seems so inane when the conquest of a Banana Split Looms so very large in your future.

We today are so much more complete that those misled souls of the past. Where they created standards we dismantle them, where they reached for perfection we appreciate the nuance of the lowest common denominator, where they held honor high we hold fairness, where they achieve victory we appreciate failure, where they win we lose, where they find glory we see intolerance, where they celebrate the exceptional we celebrate the mediocre.

We are the dimming light and we choose our path, we choose utter weakness, dishonor, failure, fairness, tolerance, mediocrity all of which are unnatural and defeatist. We choose to close the book on ourselves and fall pray to the next wave of Strength.