The welfare state is a concoction of those wishing to subject the citizenry in order to make them dependent upon the provider. Why make the citizenry dependent? So that they can be controlled, so that they look to the great provider as a helpless infant looks to its mother for sustenance and protection. This act creates weaklings, people who continually look to others to solve their problems, people who do everything possible to escape responsibility. This very act causes utter uselessness. As the welfare state grows the quality of humanity declines and as life is made easier for the weak they propagate and eventually become the majority.

It is the act of self-preservation that spawns greatness. It is the struggle for daily bread that invokes the will to succeed. It is and will always be a fair world where the strong inherit their place through their abilities and the weak are left to wither away.

The advocacy of the weak at the expense of the strong has and will ALWAYS lead to decline when the weak become the majority.

In the creation and maintenance of great nations “nice” should never be a precept.