The weakest most pathetic ineffectuals of Western society advocate for inclusion of outsiders as if it’s some kind of virtue. These mindless reality deniers are hoping to change the face of Western civilization so that they can flourish within a new paradigm where the standards that they currently can not meet will become minimized and thereby achievable. Most everything that has been great about Western civilization is being pushed aside by these ineffectuals. Whether they know it or not they are paving the way for chaos and the degradation of mankind with their irrational selfishness.

Is it better to have high standards for a society and to force people to achieve more then expected or is it best to have low standards and thereby be inclusive and achieve nothing?

This pious attitude of tolerance and acceptance of anything and everything that nearly everyone seems to use as a guide in making all decisions is false and pathetic. You who are reading this, if you live this way and think this way then you are a burden to higher man, you are a shackle binding the Ascendancy of man, you are a leveler who keeps all down, you have no faith or respect for man. If you respect man and believe in achievement and that there is a higher goal then the mere Pursuit of Comfort you must create high standards and even higher expectations, the weak must be allowed to fall and the strong encouraged to climb.

There are certain realities modern man does not like to deal with, the core realities that are so true they are axioms. Everyone knows them but we feel the need to pretend they do not exist or that we have surpassed them with our compassion. We feel that by being strong and compassionate we can raise the weak so they do not have to face these core realities, but this is wrong because by doing these things we burden the strong, making them weak in the process.

There is no utopia, the lion and the lamb will never walk in peace because in the end the lion must eat. This is a core reality and can not be denied regardless of how much the idea of a utopia might appeal to you. Man can only ascend by way of achievement, the application of standards that disallow a backward slide in quality and expectations that exceed his current abilities.