Manliness and socialism are not compatible and this is why the Cult of Weakness uses all of its powers to kill manliness. Self-sufficiency, pride based on victory in action, the pursuit of perfection in reality, these are things the Cult can not tolerate and will always attempt to undermine. A good socialist is a sissy, a lifeless automaton who fears reality because he is unsuited to face it head on, he wants to have someone else smooth the path for him so that he can’t stub his toe on his way through life. A socialist knows he is defeated before the game begins and is unhappy with his fate. He must lower the very quality of mankind so that he can feel exceptional among the ruined masses, but even then his lack of quality and general uselessness must be kept hidden and so the standards can never be too low. The Socialist is a destroyer of strength, jealous of manliness. In his jealousy the only thought in his mind is destruction not building himself so that he might rise up. He is happy to live in a gutter as long as everyone else lives there with him, and if he can make himself lord of this gutter then all the better. Socialism is for the weak it is the doctrine of half-men and leveler of greatness.

Reject socialism, reject the decent to weakness that they espouse, become that which they hate, free yourself from the fetters that they construct and grind them into dust before they do the same to you.