Pure Strength is the ideal of strength and the rejection of all forms of weakness and any thing that leads to weakness. Although compassion to some degree is necessary in a society Pure Strength does not recognize compassion beyond that of direct blood and even in that sense only the deserving. In nature pure strength exists but typically compassion is minimal and relates only to direct blood. In the world of Man Pure strength differs in that blood can also include countrymen. The Pure Strength of Man is altered from the original pure strength of nature because Man is more reliant on his fellow Man to band together to secure existence. The pure strength of Man is not as pure as that of nature but it is as pure as it gets for man. There would be no world if men did not work together in harmony to struggle together to scratch a living form nature where as in nature this is not as true.

Absolute pure strength- Strength with no compassion

Pure strength- Strength with the minimal compassion necessary for man to work together.