The lowest common denominator is the preferred standard of Cult of Weakness. The reason for this is that the ability to rise to the lowest common denominator is highly achievable allowing everyone, regardless of their character, to meet the standards of the Cults timid new society. In the minds of the Cult the elimination of true standards makes for a more egalitarian world whereby inclusion of all the vast elements of the society even the extreme periphery are possible. What the Cult would have you believe is an act of compassion, brining in the forsaken children, is really an attempt to dilute the very core of the society. This is purely preparation for downfall and nothing else.

There is no compassion in the lack of standards only the laziness of the multitude in that it is much easier to look the other way than it is to confront weakness and demand from it improvement. It is a sin against the reality of this world to allow weakness to proliferate and it is the nature of weakness to multiply and consume