The Cult of Weakness maintains numerous threads that seem to have nothing in common, however at the core of all of these threads is the promotion of weakness either by outright advocacy or by misinformation and subterfuge. All of these various threads are created for the single purpose of implementing chaos. The purpose for this chaos is to fractionalize the citizenry, in turn this chaos leads to Absolute Weakness.

Absolute weakness is when a myriad of factions all touting their specific weakness results in the destruction of the body as a whole therefore leaving it incapable of defense. Absolute weakness also includes the situation where weakness and degradation are tolerated by the lazy and ineffective who by their very ineffectiveness support the Cult and contribute to the destruction.

As seen on a daily basis the media produces an immense pressure on the masses to accept depravity and has redefined tolerance as acceptance of ALL degradations. To not be ineffective is to step outside the bounds of the conventions set up by the Cult which are partially enforced by the media. If you must be an activist you MUST support one of the various forms of weakness, otherwise you will be labeled INTOLERANT which is a newly re-defined cover word meaning sub-human. Being labeled intolerant by the Cult of Weakness should be a mark of distinction when it means not tolerating degradation. To oppose the Cult and receive their vitriol is a blessing of justified reality and a sign from nature that your battle is correct.

This Cult of weakness is not new, only the outward structure is new. The Cult has failed time and time before but this time they have figured out something key and have developed it very carefully. All people want to be special, and most people are lazy, so if being special for being weak is possible all of them will run to this new cover-philosophy. Only the truly strong can refuse this seduction in today’s environment. What so few understand is if everyone is special than no one is. If everyone were given a million dollars a gallon of milk would cost a hundred thousand dollars and your free million wouldn’t amount to squat.

The Cult of Weakness is redefining the world for their ultimate purpose, chaos will get them there but only destruction of freedom will realize their true plan.