Everyone seems to be searching for their victim card, that prized possession that allows a person to endlessly lodge complaints against the ever-shrinking majority. Membership into this band of victims comes with more than the justification to incessantly whine, it actually allows, no demands, a person disregard the importance of all other matters large and small in order to place oneself at the very center like a little god. Everyone must be forced to respect these victims now that they are bona fide members of this group. The entire society must place small offerings at their feet in order to please these angry waifs and to avoid their cries.

Like mindless spineless shock troops for the Cult of Weakness this pathetic army bands together each one a crutch for the next and they go out marching, or in reality whimpering, demanding rights of some kind to allow their special malady a place of honor. Their growing numbers are like a cancer and their rallying cry of “we the weak as gods” is seductive to many.

Real competition is dying and these victims are glad to see the playing field leveled. The uselessness of excellence or even the struggle for it is inline with their worldview. Achievement is easy when the very act of drawing breath is now considered an achievement . This standard of the lowest common denominator makes all degradation glorious. And so the dominos fall and in turn the standards of Western Civilization.

The minions of the Cult of Weakness, these masses of wannabe gods of decline are destroying the values of our world, they are ripping our spirit and they call this “FAIRNESS”.