The fight for victory is never over as victory itself is temporary and therefore must be maintained. The trouble is that victory seems eternal in the moment and because of this creates complacency among mankind whose primary aim is and always will be The Endless Pursuit of Comfort. Man seeks ease as if it was the air he needs to breath and this is good in that it inspires him to create technological wonders that can allow him to proceed to the next level but at the same time reduces his instinctive ability to survive. Unrestricted Comfort is blinding and it opens up man to failure, it takes his eye off his primary goal which is his ultimate survival. Once comfort is attained more is sought-after and the ability to recognize life-threatening elements is lost.

There has NEVER been a society that secured its victory and maintained it perpetually and although this is very obvious it is nonetheless recklessly overlooked.

The core to a worthy people, society or nation must be strength and the ability to control the vast environment through that strength. Strength needs to be revered and perpetuated above the tendency toward The Endless Pursuit of Comfort and the modern ideal of sacrifice to unmitigated compassion. There is no honor in giving up no matter what the reason.