The Cult of Weakness casts its spell over the dominion of the strong with its appeal for ultimate self-gratification. By virtue of the Cult everyone is their own personal god, and as gods they ceaselessly demand. This demand is most evident in The Endless Pursuit of Comfort whereby absolutely nothing can be denied any adherent to the Cult no standard can be applied that might diminish his pursuit. This environment where every desire can be fulfilled is enticing and competes directly with the life of struggle that is necessary for the advancement of the strong.

This pulling away of the strong to the Cult of Weakness would seem to indicate that the strong are not all that strong after all, however in all aspects of humanity there is the philosophical vanguard or leaders and then there are the followers. The followers, being what they are, are malleable and adhere to doctrine for the sake of direction as opposed to the sake of righteousness, there is always a sense on the part of the followers of “what can you do for me?” In the short run personal gratification seems to be the path of happiness but in the long run only natural struggle and order can lead to the evolution of man and thereby true happiness.

The Cult of Weakness steals away the multitude with promises of personal gratification at the expense of strength. Even when the masses know that this will lead to the inevitable destruction of society the draw of pleasure is to great and responsibility is forsaken. Only at the very moment of stark reality when the realization of what the result of the Cult of Weakness has been will the followers realize that nothing focused on pleasure above all else leads to security. Only dedication to Pure Strength will lead humanity to the next level in the evolution of Man.