What good does the endless courtship of weakness have when the results are again and again the same? Nothing good other than some false sense of righteousness, a proverbial self pat on the back. But this supposed righteousness is not only false it is the primary transgression of responsibility by modern man. It is the utter lack of standards and the complete unwillingness to apply what standards remain. It is the self-destruction of ourselves for no true sake and this supposed righteousness is a sin, for which civilization will pay the greatest cost, its demise. With all this confonting us it seems most do not care, for it is better and more in line with our religion to destroy ourselves to no end so as to more appropriately express our faith, it is more proper to have that false righteousness then it is to achieve victory and strive for the Ascension of man without the limitations of offense. Such are the words of a soon to be dead civilization and rightly so.

Regardless of our perceived control of the natural world, which is imaginary, those laws still apply and by those laws no person, no society that does not concern itself with its own welfare will be permitted to exist, and just existing should not even be the standard. The responsibility of man is not simply to survive but to achieve Ascendancy over all.

The pursuit of happiness is not in the expansion of your belt but in the fight to perfect mankind. The fattening of oneself or a society for the eventual profit of the butcher is the greatest crime especially when cloaked in supposed righteousness.