With those of feeble minds the progenitor takes no consideration in the line. It is a corruption of unending proportion to disregard it as he does, and in so doing proves the lack of value in the line itself beginning with the inept and tainted spirit of the progenitor, who’s existence flickers at the least movement of a breeze its dying breath. His bones will bleach on the hill of ineptitude, which most assuredly derives in the evasion of responsibility that has been inculcated by pure calculated evil. He and his line are unworthy of everything their existence offers, they advance only weakness, they march and gather other tired souls on toward the pits of hell all the while singing the praises of their enlightened minds.

What’s the message here? In our modern times those who say they are enlightened due to their proclivity toward unmitigated weakness and the display of equality and fairness that such weakness generates are in fact half-men, levelers of a sort who destroy the efforts of higher man to attain ascendancy. They keep all low and say this is good because it is equally fair.