The triad of destruction: Equality, Tolerance and Fairness are a veil that a weakening society applies to itself so that it can pursue the Endless Pursuits of Comfort and turn away from its greatest responsibility. When these three destructive doctrines or excuses, are in place a society no longer needs to surpass itself in order to exhibit its continuing worth. Its worth can now be defined by the happiness of its worst elements and as these elements are never happy and prefer to ceaselessly whine, the project can continue indefinitely and thereby provide continual successes toward an unattainable goal and thereby a hollow sense of worth. These excuses are designed to maintain mediocrity, a societal leveler of sorts. These words keep the strong inline by applying guilt to their best qualities and a reverence for anyone who demonstrates the capability of drawing breath, the new pinnacle of achievement in modern society.

Equality from the onset implies that every person has the same intrinsic value. This is utterly false. The only reason this falsehood is maintained is to provide the weak and ineffectual the deviant and the timid a cloak of worth to wear in the face of the truly worthy. Equality should only be applied to the best, the best are equals only to each other not to the worst. It may very well be that all people have some intrinsic value but it is also true that this intrinsic value is not found equally in all people. The creative man who furthers the Ascendancy of man by way of that creativity is not equal to the consummate shirker who only pollutes never purifies.

Tolerance is the unquestionable denial of responsibility it is simply cowardice in the face of the shrieking hordes, it is the elimination of the right to differentiate, it is giving up and allowing evil to impregnate rightful destiny. (more on Tolerance here).

Fairness gives the ineffectuals a level playing field but only by lowering the standards of that playing field so that they may be capable of participation. It is suffering the lowest common denominator as the new highest standard. Fairness in the forced application of Tolerance.

Based on the falsity of Equality, Tolerance is brought forward as the physical act of demonstrating Equality. From this fairness is where the rubber meets the road, this is the supplication to the idol of Equality, this is the sacrifice of greatness for the betterment of the weak, this is the paean to weakness, this is the denial of man as having a purpose, this is a denial of betterment, this is the doing away with of Quality. This is playing into the hands of pure calculated evil.

A society should base its worth on the exploits of its equals and not on the happiness of its ineffectuals.