Weakness is a defect in the human soul; it is the very withering of the spirit which has taken man from the primordial ooze to our present time. Weakness is fear of the final outcome that results from taking action when victory is not certain. Weakness is the melting away of all pride and worthiness.

The suppression of strength for whatever reason is a crime against mankind, the propping up of the weak at the expense of the strong is a crime against all especially when it results in a general lowering of the whole.

Protest against strength by way of fleeting cries while amassed with hordes of weaklings who make waves is a crime against the value of man, which is expressed in the best and thereby the strongest.

There is no equality given by the hand of nature other than mortal right to die.

There is no axiom that states the weak should rule at the expense of the strong and that the strong are inherently evil.

When the weak are set up to rule the balance of living reality is set off kilter and all things become misaligned, the world lacks symmetry and all its various parts spin off into the unreal.

There is no such thing as a hidden strong who pull strings from afar. The actual strong would not hide, the actual strong pull no strings, the actual strong fight to impose their will face to face, the actual strong do not attempt to understand the point of view of the enemy, the actual strong wade into the enemy with only victory on their minds and refuse failure forcing it back onto the damned.