Mankind possesses quality accordant to his times and as such some times produce men of high quality and other times produce men of low quality. A man is not equal to his fellow man just because he has the ability to draw breath. All ages have men that encompass the full range of quality but some have more of one type and so some eras are great and some are not. One thing is certain, the higher man does not flourish during times of ease because idleness generates atrophy and atrophy can not drive the spirit. This is the nature of the human being, that is to say, to pursue idleness as his primary purpose and to allow that idleness to be his ruin.

Once man is free to pursue idleness as if it were a virtue he partakes in it with an overriding bliss disregarding all of his responsibilities inviting atrophy and stagnation thereby bringing forth more low quality copies of himself. Not until the atrophy is recognized as deadly, at the moment when death is inevitable, does he realize idleness is a corruptive force. By now though the atrophy has damaged more then bone and muscle; it had decayed the spirit.

Mankind needs some burden to keep him active, he needs to find a reason to continuously struggle upward and that burden should only be his own upward progression towards ascendancy, not some cowardly sacrifice to unmitigated compassion.