In the age of expectation of the perpetual handout, the Cult of Weakness thrives.

Promotion of a way of life that denies responsibility, and demands the masses be caressed softly for fear of harming their soft outer layers.

The people are like infants awaiting their sustenance, never thinking to stand up and get it for themselves. Giving away their honor in order to be cared for.

Politicians for their part earn their places and are continually judged by their ability to get handouts into the hands of the people as fast as possible. How is this not tyranny of the majority which is all the worse since the majority have become ineffectuals walking the earth dazed, possessed by a spell, a calculated evil that is the design of the Cult of Weakness and which is nearly realized.

There are no leaders when supposed leaders placate the masses for the retention of that supposed leadership. It is a circle that spins downward, ever lowering the quality of man. Politicians give the people what they want so that they can hold office and the people want their own destruction. The Cult of Weakness sits by watching the madness unfold, laughing.