So the majority is in control like they never have been before and they prove themselves a failure. It was inevitable. The people since time began have required guidance, unfortunately that guidance has not always been wise, just or free from decadence itself but nevertheless the people required it. They are the consummate children and it is a fact of reality that when left to themselves children do not do what is best for themselves but seek only that which is most pleasing at that very moment. Parents are required to shape the child into something better by determining a path that the child follows regardless of the child’s desire for pleasure.

Are these times, our times, the best that we can hope for, is this the pinnacle of civilization, is this what thousands of years have brought us to. Will it all end, either by a dissolution or a reckoning.

The people have control now and their idea of freedom is the right to pursue decadence. Nothing more then that and to deny them their exploits in this pursuit is now the greatest offense. There is nothing more to humanity then the Pursuit of Comfort now.

Freedom was given to the people so that they could become better, so that they might pursue perfection by way of betterment. Freedom was not given so that the people could call every depravity a sacred right. With the power to choose comes a responsibility and once the responsibility has been rejected or evaded the responsibility must be set back on course and this will happen either by the hand of nature or a collapse of the social order.

For as long as the people have had their freedom and the power to govern themselves they should have by now risen up higher not sunken so low into debauchery, but like children they seek only pleasure not looking to a greater purpose.

There is higher man who advances forward.
There are the plebeians who could go either way.
And then there are the sub peasants who drag themselves down.

Anyone can be at the level he chooses.

The Subpeasants however live only to please themselves; their lifestyle is lowly and decadent but appealing because they have no purpose other then self-satisfaction. They have nothing governing their lives other then the perpetual pursuit of pleasure. This pursuit ruins them but they enjoy the ride downward.

Higher man has responsibility, he can not think only of himself, he is burdened with the heavy weight of responsibility. But he is the only one who can achieve true greatness and he is the only one who is remembered. He is the torchbearer, the one who ascends. He is better and more worthy.

Higher mans ranks were meant to swell when the common man was given freedom. Higher man was to be joined by the rising plebeians who would prove their worth and become higher man themselves. But alas he is caught up in a spell that tantalizes him, a call to serve only ones basest desires, an endless array of pleasures that steal from him his rightful place, and he falls. Higher man dies out with time and there is no one capable of bearing the torch.