Intolerance of all that inhibits the Ascendancy of higher man is just. Tolerance of that which levels is self-destruction and exhibits a true hatred and lack of faith in mankind.

Those that regard themselves as more evolved and righteous because they do what they can to level in order to achieve equality are disgusting examples of humanity. They are trying to mask their own worthlessness, fearing they will be revealed for what they are if they are forced to meet the standards of higher man. And so like a sore loser that finds himself losing a game of chess, smashes the board scattering the pieces in order to mask his defeat before the final blow can be made.

The Cult of Weakness has set up a new value system in the West where all men regardless of quality are leveled out into equals. So now higher man is bound and lower man is artificially supported above his station. This is seen as compassion for the weak but the effect on higher man is rarely considered. Modern man has remade himself into a joke, he feels good about the raising up of the weak while everything else collapses. It is a farce, our world. One where continual self-abuse is prescribed as penance for success all the while the pursuit of comfort goes along uninhibited. If you think that makes no sense you would be right but that’s the rub.

The thing that needs to be realized is that success is not permanent and if not worked at it will be lost. The West should not feel guilt over its success, to the contrary, it should revel in it and then should only try to continue that success beyond what is now comprehendible.

The weak should be allowed to fulfill their destiny as should the strong and never the two shall cause the other any consequence. This is the route to Ascendancy for higher man, to be unbound from his unhealthy liability. To focus his energy on achievement and advancement which in the end will lift all to a new paradigm.