Socialism, in all of its various contrivances, is a doctrine whose main purpose is the leveling out of mankind, a kind of equality that calls upon the successful man to subjugate himself to the ineffectuals.

There is an elemental lack of faith in mankind that is the first tenet of socialism and which gives rise to a welfare structure that in turn destroys the spirit of humanity. To have faith in mankind is to allow him to flourish by his own means and yet at the same time allow him to fail if his means lead to that unfortunate outcome.

To raise a man above what he would otherwise be able to achieve, all without any effort on his part, denies him responsibility over his own existence and transforms him into an infant who looses the ability to succeed and the mindset to want to do so. It is this change in mindset that is destructive and dangerous and it is this infantilizing that ruins him, making him into a mere slave ruled over by those that provide his sustenance. What’s worse is when he has children and they are raised in this atmosphere of failure and antipathy of labor and the fruits of personal sucess. The man in this case became a slave but his children were damned to be slaves forever and will never know any other way.

In order for there to be success there must be failure. The hatred of failure is an inspiration but only when the spirit is allowed to follow its natural course and is not stifled by the undermining affects of welfare and the calculated evil that derives such welfare.

The scourge of Socialism, that insidious infection, was not brought to the world stage for the betterment of mankind. Socialism was brought forth to control mankind, to take away his valor and honor, to separate him from his birthright, to take from him his ingenuity and to deny the world the god given task to evolve into something better, forged by time and tribulations in the tradition of the West, The true West.

Socialism should be fought at every turn, its advocates should be cut down, and its blotch on the soul of humanity carved away and disposed of like the cancer it is.