The goal of the pathetic cud chewing Bolshevik intellectual filth is to destroy Western Civilization. These tiny thinkers are designing a world of total weakness where the pursuit of excellence will be a single page within their carefully crafted anti-Western history books. And even this page will not speak of the pursuit of excellence as a noble effort but rather an act of imperialism perpetuated by evil people looking to display or rather enforce their tenuous superiority.

Western Standards crumble under the feet of the endless hordes and these tiny thinkers, these destroyers preach that we must accept all outsiders and their odd ways, we must adapt and thus lose ourselves in a justified imposed metamorphosis. These tiny thinkers say this state of self-destruction is the natural result of being enlightened as if they have the right to define what being enlightened means.

These cud chewing Bolsheviks are looking to supplant the Western way of life and they convince people by way of their incessant mantra that their pride is an evil that must be erased. They foul history, redefining it when possible and disregarding it when it can not be manipulated for their ultimate purpose. They attempt to ruin everything with their asinine ideas and think they are providing some service to mankind, who in their view needs everything down to the minutia of life managed for their wellbeing.

This ridiculous blather eventually makes its way to the people, implemented by the cud chewing Bolsheviks minions who, in all of their many forms have been termed the Cult of Weakness. There is the leading edge that generates the ideas and then the soldiers who go out into the world and perpetuate the religion of self-destruction. The time for civilized debate with these ruiners has long since come and gone.