How genuine can life be when every facet of it is codified by the overwhelming amount of rules that have been compiled and placed upon mankind like an eternal burden, one upon the other year after year, decade after decade.

Law is necessary yes but the minutia is suffocating. We are less free today because so many politicians wish to control every moment of the average life. A politician sees in his office a tool by which mankind can further be restrained and in so doing restrict his verve, that thing that a politician must see as dangerous, why else would he work so hard to disable it.

What is it all for, this ceaseless softening of life by way of eliminating discretion? Is it to make life safer and easier or is it to control?

Modern politics is built around a common lack of faith in mankind. Whatever enlightenments mankind has gone through in history we are absolutely not at the fruition. Freedom to seek endless pleasure in pure decadence within a structure that disallows the true nature of mankind to be realized and that only restricts his necessary ascension is a system that is flawed, broken and destined to fail. It is a system that lacks logic but thrives upon mans weaknesses and pleasure in the Pursuit of Comfort.

Western Civilization was designed specifically to push mankind to ascend and now Western Civilization is governed by half-men who provide softness, ease and validity to that Endless Pursuit of Comfort as a new lifestyle free from thinking and responsibility. This new system has given rise to the rightfully weak who are now amassed together in an appearance of strength and that act as the infantry for this system.

There is a strange dichotomy here, more on that later.