In the West there is a strange dichotomy.

On the one hand you have an overabundance of miniscule laws that govern every facet of modern life combined with a media influenced socializing force that restricts ideas and actions that deviate from the ordained prescription. Even though the ordained prescription is contrary to the actual foundations of Western Civilization and as such is destroying Western Civilization.

On the other hand you have this sanctioned driving force that provides justification for the individuals search for absolute decadence regardless of any cost.

A few examples: It is against the common decency to point out that all people are not equal but it is well within the common decency to cavort like a horny rabbit that has only days to live. You can disgrace yourself in nearly any way for the sake of gaining notoriety but you can’t demand the society live by even the most low-grade standards. People take more consideration in the breeding of their dogs then they do in the upbringing of their children. Whereas most dogs are forced to live by the rules of the house few children are forced to live by the ever-diminishing rules of society.

Where does this thinking come from, what are its sources? And in whose mind does this Dichotomy make sense?

There are many factors and many groups that contribute but as a whole they have been termed the Cult of Weakness.