It is Western tradition to continually question “ways of living” and to make changes to those that are outdated and irrelevant and it is this ability to continually adapt that makes the West superior. That said however, inquiry for the purpose of improvement is different from challenging and undermining for the purpose of destroying. This camouflage that provides cover for the corrosive elements to endlessly pick away at Western Civilization and to work toward repudiation of not just tradition but Western Civilization as a whole must be stripped away. These destroyers must be called out for what they are. They are not working to further refine Western Civilization using concise arguments within a context of lucid debate, they are looking to dismantle it completely, to override logic in order to fulfill the desires of their boredom.

These people were spawned out of prosperity, whether immersed in it or ravenously jealous of it, and are incapable of understanding the danger of their desires should they be realized. They have no concept of honor, live by no code other then self-aggrandizement and are working within the system to destroy all that is possible.

Is respect due to these insidious pretenders? Is it worth the breath it takes to debate these people knowing that your solution can be found in the myriad possibilities that are only possible within the context of the Western paradigm when all the while they can only think of the that paradigms fall.

This charade has gone on for too long, so long in fact that these pretenders are now given credence, they are continually brought in and listened to with respect and now they have entered many facets of the very paradigm they hate. They spread their disorder in new and innovative ways hypnotizing the youth, taking over the college system, taking over government and even entering religion, but all the while heading directly toward their goal.