A Short Allegory.

From without they come, the outsiders, making themselves the essential identity and thereby the Originals strange.

They have worked their way in by using the nature of the Originals as a weapon against him and the outsiders are better at propagating.

They use the lies that emanate from the decay of impartiality with precision and make all that has come before seem absurd even though they now enjoy what it has built.

The Originals have built the acropolis and now that the work is complete the outsiders have come to enjoy it as their own. They Demand the rights the laborers have earned with their sweat and blood.

They praise themselves for the labor they have invested in the project even though they did not participate in its construction.

Nothing, however, can remain new without maintenance and the outsider feels no need to maintain the acropolis for his heart is not in it. He had no part in it and knows it. He only uses, never contributes. He feels no need to inconvenience himself with its burden. And so the acropolis decays.

Now that the acropolis has become ugly he can put the credit for the work into the arms of the Originals using the current condition of it to heap further scorn upon them.

Convenient memories and justifications are used to support his belief whatever that may be at the moment. A belief others may not question for fear of being labeled intolerant.

What suits his fake victory reveals his true disposition. What he likes best is no work, no struggle, no burden but he enjoys the work and struggles of others as if they were his own. He is a blank wall upon which the exploits of others are projected on and he is more than willing to claim those exploits as his own.

He feels a real sense of accomplishment only through his self-deception. He resides in a fantasy where he is the most and the one.

He destroys the Originals spirit with there own nature, a nature that was carefully forged through time by equals meant to apply to each other.