Purchasing happiness and thereby creating some hollow fulfillment that quells mans natural need to progress in his development is only possible for the lowest strata of man. It is not possible for the higher strata of man, those capable of leading the Ascendancy, to be enticed by such fruitless undertakings.

Those who have moved past self-conditioning in some misled notion that they have reached the zenith of the human progression and as a result stand-in for the struggles of the weak others as some kind of overman, like gods doling out righteousness are in fact the lower aspects of man. These lower types who were spawned from the higher blood of the once hearty are now vapid soulless waste portraying innocence while locked in a state of intent.

The higher man is not capable of a zenith and this knowledge is plain for him to see. This knowledge of his lacking propels him with ferocity to struggle foreword continuing the progression toward the Ascendancy. This is the tragedy that the higher man lives with and this is the knowledge that separates him from his lower relative who is in actuality a burden to him, the thing that slows his work, the thing he must contend with in the earthly pragmatic world.