Pluralism is used as cover for the refusal to apply standards for fear that applying those standards may restrict a person or groups supposed freedom. This definition of freedom however is the false definition that lower man applies to the word, that is freedom as nothing more then the pursuit of self-gratification. His most grand cause, in his own mind, is the pursuit of gratifying all desires of the individual, thus freedom and inalienable rights are nothing more then the framework upon which baseness is aloud to exist unnamed, free of scorn and redefined as admirable. This is why the quality of man is declining and this is why democracy among unequals is dangerous. Lower man within a democracy is given credence for his battle to win himself more favors that help him accomplish his goal of self-gratification. At the same time he diminishes all that he is jealous of, namely the ones who see through his attempt to define his laziness and self-gratification as righteousness. He harms not only himself but the very trajectory of man by limiting Higher man.

This Pluralism is a weapon that Lower man uses to shield himself from the contempt of Higher man and is his excuse to remain fallow, weak and ineffectual. Lower man cares little of mans responsibility and considers his personal urges fulfilled as mankind’s zenith. Within his Endless Pursuit of Comfort Lower man lives “the good life” not knowing comfort has nothing to do with “The Good Life”.