The falsely elevated have created a situation where a peaceful existence is now implausible for any one who denies the diminishment of the true spirit of man.

You can not allow the self-satisfying herd to destroy the very structure of the world and live by that false structure blindly and in serenity unless you have become one of them or unless you have lost the will to fight and now are happy to submit to the ever growing wave.

If you are not blinded by the self-gratification of your basest desires forsaking what nobleness is yours to achieve then the march downward into the abyss is not reconcilable within the context of your world view or your view of self.

This massive wave that is building, that makes its own rules and considers itself exalted and that feeds the egos of the weakest and lowest elements, bringing them into the whole each as some kind of ridiculous little god, is not right just because it has decreed itself so.